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First Family Insurance Donation to Eliminate $1,000,000 of Medical Debt

May 16, 2018 Posted by news, press release 0 thoughts on “First Family Insurance Donation to Eliminate $1,000,000 of Medical Debt”

May 16th, 2018 – Fort Myers, FL: First Family Insurance, Inc., today announced a sizable donation will be made to RIP Medical Debt, a charity that locates, buys, and forgives medical debt in the USA.  The donation is slated to address the medical debt accumulated by veterans and young families.

“First Family Insurance firmly believes that your family comes first. We know the struggles families deal with to make ends meet, and the terrible toll medical debt can take on a families financials.” said Tyler McClosky, Chief Operations Officer for First Family Insurance.  “With this donation, we’re hoping to make life a bit easier for these people, and hopefully, they’re properly covered to protect themselves from any future issues.”

Outstanding medical debt often is bundled into portfolios for sale on the secondary debt market (similar to mortgages). Using sophisticated data analytics, RIP can search medical debt portfolios to pinpoint those bundles most in need of relief. RIP then negotiates to purchase that debt at significantly reduced rates – just pennies on the dollar.

First Family Insurance is just one of a growing number organizations making sizable donations to aid in this worthy cause.  News organizations around the nation, including WINK News in Fort Myers, are leading the charge to bring this cause to the masses.  Celebrities, like John Oliver (host of Last Week Tonight on HBO), forgave just under $15,000,000 of debt.

“The long lasting impact this donation will make is immeasurable, and almost surreal.” says Tyler McClosky.  “It’s amazing to see our staff from around the nation are getting involved to help.  It embodies our core values as a company and makes you proud to be part of it.  RIP Medical Debt is restoring life across the nation, and we’re proud to say we helped.”

Interested parties looking to make a donation to RIP Medical Debt are encouraged to visit their website,

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