When you hit 35 years in the health insurance industry

April 24, 2018 Posted by

There’s a disconnect between many online companies/their staff and the public.  Companies seem almost robotic, two dimensional, and cold (we’ve all experienced the automated responses, no returned phone call, or what most of us hate the most – email-only support.  For the sake of transparency, we want to shatter that barrier and give you an inside look at the people that fuel the drive behind First Family Insurance and the disruption we’re causing in the individual and group health insurance space.

Today’s inaugural post is dedicated to one of our licensed health insurance agents, Steve Flood, who celebrated his 35th year in the health insurance industry on Monday, April 23rd.  Steve has held his Life, Health, Property, Casualty, Variable Annuity, Series 7, Series 63 license, and his CDL.  As the professional that he is, Steve is currently licensed in 22 states.

Steve started in the insurance business as a life insurance agent for a savings and loan insurance agency, earning the Million Dollar round table designation at age 21. He broadened his expertise by calling on commercial clients offering Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Business Owner’s Plans, and Group health insurance.   This lead to further experience in risk management, total exposure mitigation, worker’s compensation coverage, and audits.

In his experience, he wrote business for Allstate, which at the age of 22, made him the youngest Allstate agent in the country at the time.

Steve currently manages a diverse team of sales agents at First Family Insurance and is continuing to grow his team and client base. He received his bachelor’s Degree in Business from University of Phoenix, and will matriculate with his MBA from Fitchburg State University in December of 2018.

Steve is the proud father of 4 children. One will graduate at age 21 in May of 2018 from Illinois State University. He has a daughter on scholarship to Loyola of Chicago for pre-medicine, a daughter who is a junior in high school that aspires to be a chemist, and a son that has 2 Google apps and programs in 19 different languages.

To connect with Steve, you can find him here on his LinkedIn profile.

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